Términos y Condiciones

I, the parent or guardian of the above-named player, acknowledge that soccer is a physically-demanding activity from which injury can result. In consideration of the player’s participation in activities sponsored by the Kids Summer Soccer Camp, I, for myself and the player and our respective heirs, administrators and successors, intending to be legally bound, hereby release and indemnify the Kids Summer Soccer Camp, its officers, directors, employees, agents and representatives from and against all claims, liabilities, damages or causes of action arising out of or in connection with the player’s participation in the activities sponsored by the Kids Summer Soccer Camp. I have read the enclosed Rules and Responsibilities for Players, Parents, and Coaches and agree to abide by them as a condition for registering my child.

Smiles Sports Mentoring Program - Summer 2022



Players’ Responsibilities & Rules

1. Work hard, have fun and give your best effort every time you are on the field for practices or games.

2. Wear all required equipment (shin guards, proper shoes & uniforms).

3. Pay attention to the coaches when they are speaking and providing instructions on or off the field. Respect the decisions of the referee.

4. Be a team player. Players should learn the rules of soccer and play by them at all times. Learn and develop teamwork, discipline and sportsmanship and practice them.

5. Be on time for all games and practices. Persistent lateness or absence will result in reduction of playing time.

6. Disrespectful behavior to coaches, referees or other players will not be tolerated. The use of indecent or profane language is unacceptable. Use of such language may result in suspension.

7. Fighting, horseplay or any physical or verbal abuse will not be tolerated. Penalties may include issuing a red card and ejection from the game. The Board may impose additional penalties up to and including suspension from the league.


Parents’ Responsibilities & Rules

1. Be sure that your child attends all practices and games. Coordinate transportation to ensure that the player is prompt when arriving and departing. If unable to attend a game or practice, notify the coach and/or manager of the team. Persistent, unexcused absences and lateness may affect the future inclusion of a player on the game roster.

2. Ensure that your child brings all equipment and uniforms to games and practices.

3. Support your child’s coach and help when you can. Disagreements with your coach do not belong on the field. Questions, input and positive suggestions should be voiced to the coach in the absence of players.

4. Parents are encouraged to come and watch but should not shout instructions from the sidelines. This causes confusion. Players should listen for coach’s and ref’s instructions only.

5. Parents and spectators for each team should remain at least six feet behind the sidelines and across the field from players. Parents should not stand behind the goal posts or goal line. Parents should not go on the field before, during, or in-between games.

6. Parents are expected to set a good example for the children at all times by their positive behavior, sportsmanship, attitude and language. Abusive language, behavior or physical assault may result in immediate suspension from the soccer program.

7. Parents are expected to demonstrate respect for the referees.


Coaches’ Responsibilities & Rules

1. Coaches are expected to demonstrate good sportsmanship and treat players fairly.

2. Organize practices to train soccer fundamentals appropriate to the age group.

3. Provide a safe environment, ensure player safety and ensure that an authorized adult picks up every child.

4. Allow each player to play at least one-half of each recreational game.

5. Ensure that players and no more than two coaches are on one side of the field, with parents and spectators situated on the opposite side. Coaches should not go beyond their half line, nor should they go on the field or stand behind the goal line.

6. Know the rules, respect the referees and act in a controlled manner on the field.

7. Disrespectful behavior to players, coaches, spectators or referees will not be tolerated and may result in a red card. The Board may impose additional penalties up to and including suspension.


SSMP isn't your ordinary youth soccer club. We are a unique Kids Mentoring program which focuses on the Fun, Family and Formative aspects of sports.

We provide an uplifting, self-esteem building, experience in which positive behavior and positive values can be realized by every player.


5-a-side soccer (5 players per side instead of 11 per side) allows everyone
to get the ball many times which makes our soccer program more fun - and the kids learn faster.

Allows for more player involvement, thus more fun. Manageable size giving more attention to each player


All players rotate to each position and every player plays equally each game. We use a specially designed "Equal Substitution System" to guarantee equal play time. Also, FFPS has no tryouts or all-star teams and all teams are well- matched using our "Balanced Team System" to optimize a Fun, Fair, Positive soccer experience.

Fair to each player. Fair opportunity for every team ENCOURAGE

Both coaches on the field are allowed to use positive coaching and provide
a safe environment by enforcing the rules. We do not allow any derogatory comments or persistent yelling that would belittle, distract or embarrass players. We ask that if you must yell, use encouragement! Better yet, relax, enjoy,
and "Let the kids play!"

Enables parents to give encouragement, to ignore the mistakes and enjoy their child's play.


One of the most important aspects of our program is parent behavior. We strive to create a rich, positive, pressure-free environment for the kids.

This is why we disallow 'How to Play' instruction during play. We also discourage rude, disruptive, disrespectful comments and behavior. Instead, we ask parents to cheer encouraging words like 'Go Julie', 'Good Kick', and 'Great Dribble'.

By staying positive and encouraging with all players at games and practices, you are helping us to create the kind of environment where kids can excel!

SMILES SPORTS MENTORING PROGRAM—the game Games and Practices

We play a total of 6 (six) games in our Summer Season. Depends of the number of Registered Teams. Each team practices one time (1) p/week for an hour.


Games are played between 9 AM and 1:00 PM. Games are always played at your local game site on SUNDAYS (unless there is a weather issue).


Practices are held once a week usually during the week (TUESDAYS), and for approximately one hour at the same field where you played.


We provide a full uniform to every player which includes a shirt, shorts and socks. Uniforms are given out by coaches. We will not know your team colors until the uniforms are distributed.

REQUIRED EQUIPMENT (Parents Must Purchase) . Shin Guards - Required for all practices and games

. Soccer Ball - Required for all practices. The least expensive balls work fine. Size 3 or 4 is great!

. Water Bottle - Required


Every child is a winner in our book, which is why each and every player receives a trophy at the last game!


Balancing teams is a core value and principle of SSMP. We believe that bal- anced teams make it more fun 'for the kids' to play their game as both teams
will be able to get the ball more equally. So, games in which one team dominates - goes against our core value of balanced teams. We feel this is unfair and, thus, we try to prevent this. All teams are balanced by ability (first priority), then by age, grade, gender and size, and lastly, by area (school and zip code).


We pay close attention to children with Special Needs (mental and/or physical challenges). We knows that proper age placement is vital to their team experi- ence, so each parent discusses their needs with the Registration Director in their league. Registration Director's will help parents select the best age group and approve their final placement.